#MeetMyImmigrants: Frank Schroeder

Frank (likely Franz) Schroeder, my 4x-great-grandfather, was born approx. August/September 1837. He is a bit of a mystery to me. It seems likely that he was from “Hinterpommern” – an area of Germany that became the Province of Pomerania, and where his daughter claims to have been born. (A son, William, also claimed birth in Prussia in later records.) Frank married Henrietta Prillwitz around 1855, and they had several children together – including Bertha Schroeder. Frank worked as a day laborer, at least upon his arrival into the US. Various records suggest he arrived in 1870 or 1881. It doesn’t appear he ever became a US citizen. According to US censuses, he was able to speak English. He lived with his daughter at 23 Holden Lane in Jersey City, NJ, at least from 1900 to his death. He died from a cerebral hemorrhage in Jersey City 3 March 1911. He was buried with his wife in Jersey City Cemetery. I went and visited their graves a few months ago – there is no gravestone marking their burials.

As I am able to find more information on this immigrant, I will write an update!

Photo credit:  New Jersey State Archives

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