#MeetMyImmigrants: Maria Fortunata Mari

Maria Fortunata Mari, one of my 31 foreign-born 3x-great-grandparents, was born 14 September 1833 in Baronissi, Salerno, Italy. She worked as a farmer, and married Angelandrea Napoli in Baronssi 3 April 1859. Andrea worked as a farmhand, and they had at least six children together, including Raffaela, my 2x-great-grandmother (#MeetMyImmigrants, Day 4). Andrea died before 1905, and Fortunata immigrated to the US on the S. S. Francesca, which arrived at New York City 18 September 1905. Fortunata traveled with her daughter, Vincenza, and several of her grandchildren. She was briefly detained for special inquiry at Ellis Island (apparently she showed signs of senility), but she had a doctor's certificate which allowed her entry. She lived with her daughter and son-in-law in New York City in Italian East Harlem. She died 4 July 1914 in New York City from a cerebral hemorrhage. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery - the largest cemetery in the country.

Photo credit:  Ancestry  (from  US National Archives )

Photo credit: Ancestry (from US National Archives)

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