#MeetMyImmigrants: Raffaele "Ralph" Venezia

New Ralph Venezia photo.jpg

Raffaele "Ralph" Venezia is one of my five immigrant great-grandparents. Born 14 February 1887 in Atripalda, Italy, he came to this country in 1904. He and many of his siblings worked for the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) in New York City. In fact, when he died suddenly in 1935, he was apparently involved in a ten-week walkout, and had been one of the leaders of the strike. He and his wife raised eight children, two of whom died as children.

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Ralph was married to Libera Maria "Lena" (Carbone) Venezia, pictured here at their wedding in 1917. Learn more about Lena by clicking here.

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