#MeetMyImmigrants: Gennaro "James" Camperlino

Gennaro Camperlino is my 2x-great-grandfather. Gennaro was born 20 January 1871 in Agropoli, Italy. He worked as a farmer in Italy, and married Goliana Rizzo (also pictured) in 1893. They raised seven children (one of whom died in infanthood). Gennaro first immigrated to the USA in 1906, and he returned around 1909. He immigrated permanently in 1910, and resided in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, until his death. He first worked as a watchman, and later as a repairman, for the Pennsylvania Railroad. At work, he was in an accident and had his left leg amputated. He became a proud US citizen in 1924, and died in 1947.

His grandson, Albert, (my grandfather) remembered, “He used to give us kids cream soda with a little burgundy wine.” Now, that seems like my kind of guy!

Gennaro, pictured here, far right of the back row.

Gennaro, pictured here, far right of the back row.

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