#MeetMyImmigrants: Concetta (Giordano) DiBiase

New Concetta Giordano DiBiase photo.jpg

Concetta Giordano was born 15 February 1868 in Agropoli, Italy. She is one of my thirteen immigrant 2x-great-grandparents. She married Aniello DiBiase there in 1890. She and her first two children arrived in the US in 1899, sailing on the S. S. Saale. Concetta ran a boarding house most of her early years in the US. According to family lore, at one time, she had thirteen boarders at once, all of whom were family and friends that paid around $3.00 a month or 10 cents a day. My grandfather remembered her as understanding and a lot of fun. He once told me, “We called her Mama dell', which means ‘Mother of Mine’ in Italian [more or less]. At her home in Pennsylvania, she had peach trees where you could peel off the skin of the peach just like a banana.” Concetta became a citizen when her husband did in 1915. They lived most of their lives in Wilmerding, PA. Aniello and Concetta had at least ten children, two of whom died in childhood. She died in 1963 in North Huntingdon, PA, at the ripe old age of 95! Hopefully, I inherited many of her genes!

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