#MeetMyImmigrants: Grazia Annucci

Grazia Annucci was born 6 June 1872 in Rapolla, Italy. She married at age 15 to Alfonso Morelli, a farmer in that town. They had at least six children, and Grazia was widowed at age 32. A number of her children and many of her siblings came over to the USA, all settling in NYC or Jersey City. She was meant to immigrate in 1920, having tickets aboard the S. S. Canada from Naples, with her daughter, Giulia, and son, Michele. (All were to join their son/brother, my great-grandfather Raffaele.) For some reason, Grazia and Giulia did not make this trip. Grazia wound up immigrating with a daughter-in-law and grandchild on the S. S. Dante Alighieri, which arrived at NYC 3 August 1921. She was listed as being 5'6", with brown hair and brown eyes. She seemingly lived in Jersey City, but two years after she arrived, her daughter, Giulia, died of tuberculosis. After this point, Grazia and most of her children disappear from the US records. They all returned to Italy, and spread out around the Province of Potenza. Grazia would outlive three of her children, dying in Rapolla in 1961.

As far as I know, Grazia is my only direct immigrant ancestor that returned back to her country of origin permanently.

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Ship manifest images from Ancestry (microfilms of the US National Archives).