If you're interested in determining whether you are eligible for and subsequently obtaining Italian or Irish dual citizenship via your ancestry, Rich Roots Genealogy can assist in that process.

The process of obtaining Italian or Irish dual citizenship can be lengthy and confusing - but it doesn't have to be! Rich has experience in assisting with dual citizenship applications from beginning to end.  

For Italian-Americans, Rich makes the experience of working towards obtaining your dual citizenship facilissimo. He can assist with ordering, correcting, and obtaining the proper seal for each record, obtaining translations, and preparing you for your appointment. Rich obtained his Italian citizenship in 2015.

For Irish-Americans, it doesn't take a leprechaun to obtain your pot of gold! If you have Irish grandparents, Rich can help you on your way to a red passport in no time.

Rich can also just help to obtain certain documents (Italian, Irish, or American) or provide guidance in the form of a research consultation.

Contact Rich today for more information on obtaining dual citizenship.

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Rich's great-grandfather, Biagio Camperlino, with his mother and siblings.